International travel photography has become my life's inspiration and realization. As for so many other photographers, the camera lens is an extension of my voice and expression of faith in people and cultures, documenting what I could otherwise never express through simple words.

Having survived life-threatening injuries due to a car accident outside Nairobi, Kenya, the tragic coin flip of post-trauma emotions fortunately landed eyes up. Through those eyes, blood and soul I have experienced the purity of human spirit, sacrifice and greatness. I can only inspire to be of the caliber of those who saved me.

With each click of the shutter, I am seeking to capture the beauty, intrigue, and those elusive words, smells and sounds that could give the viewer a sense of excitement that coarses through my veins as I embrace the moment. The greatest thrill as any photographer knows, is being there and devouring the moment in all its entirety.

The collections of photos I love most are those that document the contrasts of the different worlds that live among us. It's a big world and I want to inspire everyone to journey beyond his or her own personal and geographic borders, and experience new and bold cultures! Don't worry, there is plenty of room for us all!

My style of photography, like my own life, is constantly under construction... I will continue to explore new cultures and I will revisit ones of my past!

Thanks for taking the time to visit.